-          Opportunities in global tourism are very widely open, while Indonesia has not been able to balance them. Bachelors in tourism in Indonesia are very rare, while the market demands are very high. It is a chalenge for Indonesians to have a career in the tourism sector in order to make national tourism the biggest contribution to the nationís devisa.

-          The graduate will gain 3 kind of certificates such Academic Certificate, Specialization Certificate, and Standard Base Competence Certificate.

-          The informations of outstanding job position will always be informed to the alumna as the members of STIPRAMís big family.

-          Routine seminars , reserach, general lectures, social services, outbond, and brain storming are held, all on campus expenses.



Both of study programs at STiPRAM are package in a combination of entrepreneurship, science, and the use of Information and communication technologies. They are linked and matched with the development and the needs in global industrial market.